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We offer a guaranteed financing program that is more flexible than any other in Las Vegas. We don’t require proof of income, we don’t have a minimum job time requirement, we don’t require proof of residence, and we don’t limit our buyers to only one open auto loan. Repos, foreclosures, and judgments will not get in the way of your loan approval. We even work with people who can not prove their income or do not have proof of residence. When it comes to Used Car Dealerships with Bad Credit Financing, we take pride in being the best. We offer solutions to bad credit financing so that good people with bad credit get a second chance in life with a Quality Used Vehicle.

  • If you are an 800 score, have terrible credit, or have no credit at all, we have a lender for you.
  • We pride ourselves in offering a loan approval to each and every customer we see.
  • We also will help you repair and rebuild your credit by reporting your payments to all three credit agencies.

Guaranteed Financing

At Frontline Auto Remarketing LLC. ( we offer one of the best “guaranteed auto loan” programs anywhere. Many dealers talk about pre-approved auto loans, but we guarantee it. If you bring a valid ID and minimum down payment you will be approved for used car financing; even with very bad credit. You may be telling yourself that you are the exception, and that there is no way that you could get a pre-approved auto loan. We can and will help you get a loan approval into a quality car, it’s what we do. We have the best bad credit auto loans available in town, and we want to prove it to you.

What is Bad Credit?

Bad credit ranges from a lifelong history of defaults to maybe just a few late payments due to some unique circumstances. Most people probably fall into that bucket, and that is why we aim to accommodate those in need of used car financing with bad credit. Bankruptcies, tax liens, previous repos, and several other dings on your credit will not prevent you from getting a pre approved auto loan with us. The best bad credit auto loans are just a phone call or click away at Sin City Auto.

We can help you repair your credit

Although you may have made some bad decisions in the past or may have just been the victim of some tough circumstances, we can help you get a second chance in life with one of the best bad credit auto loan programs out there. When you make your payments on time, the bank will report to all three credit agencies and you will see your credit score go up. Many other used car dealers in Las Vegas offer financing with bad credit, but they usually sell you a lemon with tons of miles and before you know it you have a car payment on a car that no longer works. With us, your car will have a warranty, low miles, and it will last the life of your loan and then some. Not many dealers in town can offer you that.

Have good credit and want a great rate?
Some people have been fortunate enough to keep their credit scores up and want to be rewarded with a low APR when they finance. At Sin City Auto our specialty may be subprime financing but we also can help people with great credit too. We have several relationships with local banks and know where to send our loans for those people with good credit so that they can get the best loan approval out there. We don’t care if you finance with us, finance with your own bank, or pay cash; we just want to help you. So if you are looking for a used car in Las Vegas, we are your best option, no matter what your situation is.

Getting approved financing can be very challenging in today’s economy. At Sin City Auto we realize that if we can fulfill this need, we can satisfy countless customers. We are specialists in purchasing vehicles that have the highest likelihood of being approved for financing. Whether you have outstanding credit, average credit, dreaded credit, or no credit at all; we have a solution for you that results in you driving away with a quality car. For fast and flexible financing you can call us at 888-573-5517. Please call us if you have any questions at all.

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