• We sell quality cars every time to every customer. Other dealers who offer flexible financing  usually do so with troubled vehicles.
  • We can get you financed when others can’t. It’s what we do.
  • We stopped using the other banks who always said no and we became our own bank who always says yes.
  • We are not “salesmen”. We are car buying professionals who offer quality vehicles without any of the typical “salesmanship games”.

At Sin City Auto we really are different than the average second chance auto loan dealership. Our goal is to provide quality used cars and extremely flexible financing options for good people who need a second chance auto loan. Unlike other dealerships that offer flexible financing, we pride ourselves in putting our customers in quality used vehicles as well. Accomplishing our goals takes a unique skill set and knowledge that our staff has gained with an eclectic background in the car industry. We have completed an extensive training program that focuses on vehicle appraisal inspections and used car market values; in doing so we understand what cars have the highest likelihood of a second chance lender approval. We are bad credit specialists who can solve any bad credit auto loan issue and after the Las Vegas economy took a beating starting in 2008, most of us need a second chance. It is because so many good people need help with bad credit car loans, that we are thriving. No other dealership in town offers the type of expertise, loan consultation, and quality vehicles; we stand alone so that you won’t have to when you need reliable transportation.

If you or someone that you know has bad credit,no credit, or has been turned down in the past due to credit issues (bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions), we can help anyone get a car loan approval with our extremely flexible special financing programs.

But just simply getting people approved for automotive financing is not all that we do here at Sin City Auto. We want to help good people who have had some bad breaks. We do this by helping people repair damaged credit with realistic opportunities for auto loan approvals. We do this for all of our customers, even those who may not have had the best credit history in the past or have gone through difficulties such as foreclosures or bankruptcies.

When you have bad credit or no credit at all, auto financing can be difficult. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a car at a dealership that you don’t qualify for because your credit is not good enough. You could avoid all of that frustration by getting your auto financing approved at Sin City Auto. We can’t emphasize enough that we specialize in bad credit auto loans like nobody else does. We have a true guaranteed auto loan program where your job is your credit. The online loan application and approval process at Sin City Auto is quick and easy. Our simple, secure online application form can be completed in just minutes and we will have a decision for you in no time.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all. Auto financing at Sin City Auto will always be hassle-free. Once you submit your online application, our finance experts will quickly evaluate your loan and contact you promptly to discuss all of your lending options.

For more information about auto financing or to apply for car financing for bad credit, apply online at Sin City Auto. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, auto financing made easy starts at Sin City Auto in North Las Vegas.

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