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Sin City Auto

Quality used cars and service. 866-265-9624

New Arrivals

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  • Kia Amanti 2004 | 108k Miles

  • Ford Excursion 2004 | 100k Miles

  • Ford Focus 2007 | 99k Miles

  • Chevrolet HHR 2009 | 130k Miles

  • Chevrolet Suburban 2003 | 130k Miles

  • Dodge Durango 2007 | 107k Miles

  • Hyundai Tucson 2008 | 108k Miles

  • Lexus ES330 2005 | 115k Miles

  • Kia Amanti 2005 | 93k Miles

  • Hyundai Azera 2006 |

  • GMC Envoy XL 2003 | 127k Miles

  • Ford Taurus X 2008 | 104k Miles

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Used Cars Las Vegas

Our Goals : Selling You Quality Used Cars in Las Vegas

At Sin City Auto our goal is to take the grind out of buying a car here in Nevada. Finding the right used cars for sale in Las Vegas can be very difficult. At most car dealers in Las Vegas the haggling and grinding are just part of the process of buying a car or truck and most people just accept it. Have you ever been to the local Used Car Dealerships in Las Vegas and purchased a car? Did it take 4 or 5 hours; or in some cases 2 to 3 days even? Because we don’t play games and bounce you from one manager to the next, we can sell you a car on your lunch break. Even if you don’t live in Nevada, we offer the same great value to all of our customers, regardless of where they live. We have sold tons of trucks to buyers up in the Mountain States because our pricing and financing was so easy. Buying a car from us is fast, simple, and friendly. If you come by our pre-owned car dealership and don’t think that we are right for you, we will let you leave without any pressure or traditional tactics like holding on to your keys or driver license.

Our Las Vegas Used Cars

All of our cars and trucks are low mileage vehicles in great mechanical condition. Used Car Dealerships in Las Vegas don’t always sell you quality cars. There is a stretch of Highway here in town notorious for selling Lemons to people with bad credit. You will not get a lemon at Sin City Auto, and we will take your car in on trade; even if it is a lemon. We use our extensive experience in the Used Car Industry to keep a balanced supply of vehicles in our inventory. We have compacts, SUV’s, trucks, and Vans; and in some cases we can find you what you are looking for. Most car dealers in Las Vegas will try and sell you on one value or another. It may be financing, quality cars, no haggle pricing, or even honesty. At Sin City Auto we can check off all of those attributes because we give our customers a slice of every value.

Pricing & Financing for Used Cars at Sin City

Our prices are extremely competitive and our financing program is extremely flexible. Some Las Vegas used dealers like to list internet pricing, but when you come in the door they try and sell you the car for thousands more unless you tell them that you saw the “internet special” price. We are a “no haggle” dealership but we can negotiate in many cases. Our goal is to make your car buying experience as easy as possible. Whether you have excellent credit, terrible credit, have your own financing, or just have cash; we would love to help you purchase your next vehicle and show you how easy buying a used car can be in Las Vegas

A Happy Customer

"I can't thank Sin City Auto enough for what they did for me. I am not even a native of Las Vegas and they still took the time to set me up with a great car. I owned a Ford Ranger for 10 years. It was my first car. Now, I am rolling around in a 2010 Ford Mustang. It's beautiful and I still cant believe it is all mine!! I was able to get financing pretty easily which came as a shock since I have only been working for 6 months and have never owned or paid for anything of worth in my life. I am very happy with my decision to have Sin City find me the car of my dreams. Thank you!"

- Steve Fata
Glendora, CA